Seminars Spring 2018

DateSpeakerSeminar TitleAffiliationHost Student
1/22/2018Elizabeth HarveyThe mechanism and timing of marine microbial mortality and the implications for biogeochemical cyclesUniversity of Georgia, Department of Marine SciencesChris Johns
1/29/2018Mick GriffithsMonsoons, Megadroughts, and Migration: Paleo Perspectives from Southeast Asian Cave RecordsWilliam Patterson University, Environmental ScienceStanley Ko
2/05/2018Allison DedrickJoyce OngPersistence in spatially-structured marine populations: the clownfish case / Global hotspots of synchrony among marine fisheriesRutgers, Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Natural Resources
2/19/2018Amy LeventerGeologic perspectives on recent rapid environmental change in the eastern Antarctic PeninsulaColgate University, GeologySchuyler Nardelli
2/26/2018Malin PinskyLife in a giant water bath: consequences for ecological dynamics in the oceanRutgers, Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Natural Resources
3/05/2018Becky RobinsonIncreased nutrient richness in the equatorial Pacific during the Mid-Pleistocene transitionUniversity of Rhode Island, Graduate School of OceanographyVince Clementi
3/19/2018Dave RalstonHow a century of dredging has altered the tides, salinity, and response to storm events in the Hudson River estuaryWHOI, Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering DepartmentFernando Pareja
3/26/2018Gavin SchmidtThe use of paleo-climate data to constrain future projectionsNASA, Goddard Institute for Space StudiesCliff Watkins
4/02/2018Zhengyu LiuForcing Mechanism for the Partitioning of Atmospheric and Oceanic Heat Transports —- Beyond Bjerknes CompensationThe Ohio State University, Department of GeographyJonathan Sherman
4/09/2018Roberto Iglesias-PrietoPhysiological trade-offs and the limits of adaptation in reef corals Penn State University, Department of BiologyJonathan Sherman
4/16/2018Carlos MoffatSeminar Cancelled. Eddies, submarine troughs, and the heat budget of the west Antarctic Peninsula continental shelfCollege of Earth, Ocean, & Environment, University of DelawareChuning Wang
4/19/2018Dr. Peter ClarkSea-level Rise Over the Next 100 to 10,000 Years in Response to Global Warming: An Update to IPCC AR5College of Earth, Ocean, & Atmospheric Sciences, Oregon State UniversityVince Clementi, Chuning Wang