Seminars Spring 2017

DateSpeakerSeminar TitleAffiliationHost Student
1/23/2017Jordi SoleAn open source, transparent and freeware model for the Renewable Energy Transition in Europe: the MEDEAS EU projectInstitute of Marine Sciences (CSIC) Barcelona, Spain & MEDEAS EUAlex Lopez
1/30/2017Arnoldo Valle-LevinsonSea-level rise hot spots along the U.S. Atlantic coastUniversity of FloridaFernando Pareja
2/06/2017Andrew Mutter
Becca Selden
Protein design and iron-sulfur clusters / The role of warming in present and future piscivore dominance in a large marine ecosystemRutgers, The State University of New Jersey
2/13/2017Hugh RoartyDevelopment and Application of High Frequency Radar in the Mid Atlantic Bight
2/20/2017Xiaoli Zhou, Benjamin KnowlesBenthic foraminiferal Na/Ca record suggesting seawater [Ca] history since mid-Miocene / Density-dependent thresholds in viral life strategiesRutgers, The State University of New Jersey
2/27/2017ASLO – No Seminar
3/06/2017Jill McDermott“Distinguishing chemical signals of life from abiotic processes in hydrothermal mixing zones”Lehigh UniversityAmy Kuzminov
3/13/2017Spring Recess – No Seminar
3/20/2017Ben TwiningConstraining the global plankton metallome, one cell at a timeBigelow Laboratory for Ocean SciencesStanley Ko
3/27/2017Nicole LovenduskiOcean and land carbon uptake: Can we predict the future?University of Colorado at BoulderChris Free
3/30/2017Lisa LevinDeep-Ocean Industrialization and Biodiversity Consequences for the 21st CenturyScripps Institution of OceanographyChris Free
4/03/2017Maureen RaymoCO2, climate, and sea level: Past is prologueLamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia UniversityJennifer Walker
4/10/2017Mimi KoehlSwimming and crawling in a turbulent worldUniversity of California, BerkleyEmily Slesinger
4/17/2017Walt Boyntonecosystem ecologyUniversity of MarylandRachel Gula
4/24/2017Susanne CraigPhotons, Phytoplankton and ClimateDalhousie UniversityMike Brown
5/01/2017Melissa Omandobservational and biophysical interactionsUniversity of Rhode IslandChuning Wang and Zhuomin Chen