Seminars Fall 2017

DateSpeakerSeminar TitleAffiliationHost Student
9/11/2017EOAS/DMCS Oyster Bar
9/18/2017David W. JohnstonUp, Up, and Away! Drones in Marine Science and Conservation Duke University Marine Laboratory Schuyler Nardelli
9/25/2017Daphne MunroeMarine & Coastal Sustainability, Intersecting Larval Ecology and Population ConnectivityRutgers DMCS/Haskins Shellfish Lab
10/02/2017Laure ResplandyOcean controls on climate: challenging heat and carbon budgets Princeton, Department of GeosciencesAmy Kuzminov
10/09/2017George PhilanderThe Precarious Present Is Global Warming Inhibiting an Incipient Ice Age? Princeton Atmospheric & Ocean SciencesVince Clementi
10/16/2017Tim HerbertThe Earth’s 11 Million Year Journey into the Ice Ages Brown, Earth, Environmental, and Planetary SciencesStanley Ko
10/23/2017Richard BrillPhysiology in the service of fisheries science… why thinking mechanistically matters Virginia Insitute of Marine SciencesEmily Slesinger
10/30/2017Hollie Putnam Marine invertebrate acclimatization in response to rapid environmental changeUniversity of Rhode Island, Department of Biological SciencesMichael Acquafredda
11/06/2017Douglas A. CampbellPhotoperiods, Photosystems & PhytoplanktonMount Allison University, Biology DepartmentJonathan Sherman
11/13/2017Nirnimesh KumarSemidiurnal Internal Tide Generation, Propagation and Transformation near Pt. Sal, CA: Observations and Model SimulationsUniversity of Washington, Dept. of Civil and Environmental EngineeringFernando Pareja
11/20/2017Kiva Oken, Samantha BovaThe role of predation in fished marine ecosystems, Hydroclimate variability in the heart of the Western Pacific Warm Pool over the last 800 kyRutgers, Department of Marine and Coastal Sciences
11/27/2017Vincent SabaAn overview of NOAA Fisheries climate change research in the Northwest Atlantic and Bering SeaNOAA GFDLChris Free
12/04/2017Samantha SiedleckiThe role of the coastal ocean in global biogeochemical cyclesJISAO, University of WashingtonChuning Wang
12/11/2017AGU – No Seminar