Seminars Fall 2018

DateSpeakerSeminar TitleAffiliationHost FacultyHost Student
09/10/2018Oyster Bar
09/17/2018Mea CookPrimary productivity, circulation and oxygenation of the subarctic Pacific during the last deglaciationWilliams CollegeHeidi FuchsStanley Ko
09/24/2018Nick BattistaFluid-Structure Interaction for the People!TCNJCliff Watkins
10/01/2018Kaustubh ThirumalaiAn El Niño mode in the glacial Indian OceanBrown UniversityVince Clementi
10/08/2018Philip OrtonCoastal storm surge, probabilistic assessment of coastal floods and climate change, and mitigation or adaptation to coastal hazardsStevens Institute of TechnologyBob KoppFernando Pareja
10/15/2018Louisa BradtmillerBlowin’ in the Wind: reconstructing upwelling during North Atlantic cooling eventsMacalester College
10/22/2018Oscar SchofieldAre polar systems resilient given all decadal melt of sea ice and glaciers?DMCS
10/29/2018Lisa McManus / Dawei LiDMCS
11/05/2018Rob SherellMelting ice shelves, iron dynamics, and primary productivity of the Amundsen Sea, West Antarctica.DMCS
11/12/2018Grace SabaState of Coastal and Ocean Acidification in the Mid-AtlanticDMCS
11/19/2018Jason AdolfThink globally, research locally: Phytoplankton and harmful algal blooms in the estuaries and coastal lakes of Monmouth County, NJMonmouth UniversityGrace Saba
11/26/2018Karin BryanUnderstanding the role of vegetation roughness in controlling mangrove swamp stability University of Waikato in New ZealandUniversity of Waikato in New ZealandJohn WilkinAlex Lopez
12/03/2018Kristy KroekerSea Change: Forecasting the emergent ecological effects of global change in marine communities UC Santa CruzUC Santa CruzMalin PinskyEmily Slesinger
12/10/2018AGU – No Seminar