Seminars Spring 2016

DateSpeakerSeminar TitleAffiliation
1/25/2016James PringleOrigin of Mean Flows on Western Boundary Shelves, including the Mid-Atlantic Bight UNH
2/8/2016Craig LeeAn Autonomous Investigation of the Marginal Ice Zone UW APL
2/15/2016Charles MadenjianSex and Contaminants in Fish: “Hot Spots”, Big Testes, and High Activity Males USGS
2/22/2016Hermann Fritz2011 Tohoku tsunami runup hydrographs and overland flow velocities based on survivor videos using LiDAR Georgia Tech
2/29/2016Yair RosenthalStars’ War: the return of the Raymo-Ruddiman hypothesis? or Did the Mid-Pliocene warmth bring the Northern Hemisphere Chill? DMCS,Rutgers
3/7/2016Alison TaylorCell Biology of Coccolithophores: Insights into Calcification, Physiology, and Ecology UNCW
3/14/2016spring break
3/21/2016Chris GoblerUnderstanding harmful algal blooms in a changing world: From genes to ocean basins Stony Brook
3/28/2016Einat SegevBacteria Farm Emiliania huxleyi and Influence Algal Alkenones Harvard
4/4/2016Liz SikesRadiocarbon and Stable Isotope Evidence for Increased Ventilation of the Southwest Pacific Ocean during the Last DeglaciationRutgers, DMCS
4/11/2016Doug NowacekDuke
4/18/2016Ellen MartinWeathering on Greenland: Why does it Matter? UFL
4/25/2016Eli MooreNew Membrane Lipids, Marine Protein Cycling, and the Network of Electron Transfer: Environmental Science from Molecular to Global Scales Rutgers, DMCS
5/2/2016Ryan KellyGenetic Signatures of Ecological Diversity Along an Urbanization Gradient University of Washington