Seminiars Fall 2015

DateSpeaker/AffiliationSeminar TitleHost ProfessorHost Student
9/14/2015Andrea Dutton (University of Florida)Assessing the evidence for polar ice sheet collapse during the last glacial period (MIS 5e) Ben HortonJennifer Walker
9/21/2015Adina Paytan (University of Californa, Santa Cruz)Atmospheric Deposition Impacts on the OceanLiz SikesAmy Anderson
9/28/2015Oyster Bar
10/5/2015Doug Nowacek (Duke University)Anthropogenic Ocean Noise: Sources, impacts and some ideas for managementOscar SchofieldChris Free
10/12/2015Kristen Thyng (Texas A&M University)Transport on and across Texas-Louisiana shelfNicole Couto
10/19/2015Olaf Jensen (DMCS Faculty)
10/26/2015Tracy Mincer (WHOI)Kay BidleBrittany Schieler
11/2/2015Donal Manahan (University of Southern California)Heidi FuchsJaclyn Specht
11/9/2015Deborah Steinberg (VIMS)Zooplankton community structure, grazing, and carbon export in the Amazon River plume and tropical North Atlantic Grace SabaFilipa Carvalho
11/16/2015Amber Annett (DMCS Postdoc)Radium isotopes in shelf seas: Investigating trace metal supply
11/23/2015Chris Sherwood (USGS)Observations and models of floc dynamics in the coastal oceanJack McSweeney
11/30/2015Mike McCann (DMCS Postdoc)The BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Modern Food Web Ecology
12/7/2015Josh Roering (University of Oregon)Sediment flux, climate, and landscape evolution in unglaciated terrainIsabel Hong & Jack McSweeney