Seminars Fall 2021

DateSpeakerSeminar TitleAffiliationHost
9/13/21No Seminar
9/20/21Corey GarzaA game of drones: Advancing discovery and innovation in coastal researchCSU Monterey BayMalin Pinsky
9/27/21Jess TierneyGlobal climate evolution since the Last Glacial Maximum: Insights from paleoclimate data assimilationU ArizonaRyan Glaubke
10/4/21Talea MayoClimate Change Impacts on Hurricane Storm Surge RiskEmory UniversityJackie Veatch
10/11/21Manu PrakashThat sinking feeling: Gravity and it’s role in how life navigates the oceansStanfordKay Bidle
10/18/21 (11:AM)Karina von ShuckmanHeat stored in the Earth system: where does the energy go?Mercator Ocean in Toulouse, FranceYair Rosenthal
10/25/21Andrew BartonMicrobial biogeography, biodiversity, and endemism in a coastal upwelling biomeScrippsOscar Schofield
11/1/21Karen BemisMonitoring Hydrothermal Discharge using an Acoustic Imaging SonarDMCS
11/8/21Joey BernhardtTowards a mechanistic science of global change: from cells to ecosystems and human well-beingYaleMalin Pinsky
11/15/21Ros RickabyExploring the role of calcifiers in the long term carbon cycleOxfordYair Rosenthal
11/22/21No Seminar
11/29/21Jack BouchardBlue Plantations: Commercial fishing in the Atlantic c.1400-1600 and the origins of our ecological crisisRutgersBob Chant
12/6/21Loraine LisieickiOrbital Pacing of Late Pleistocene 100,000-year Glacial CyclesUCSBRyan Glaubke
12/13/21No Seminar