Seminars Fall 2016

DateSpeakerSeminar TitleAffiliationHost Student
9/12/2016Oyster Bar
9/19/2016Anand GnanadesikanDrivers and impacts of biogeochemical variability Johns Hopkins UniversityChuning Wang
Zhuomin Chen
9/26/2016David BurnsWater(s), Rivers, Estuaries and Ocean(s): Multidisciplinary Troubles as Opportunities for Teaching and LearningScience Education for New Civic Engagements and ResponsibilitiesJacqueline McSweeney
10/03/2016 Andrew StewartEddy mixing and transport at the Antarctic margins. University of California, Los AngelesNicole Couto
10/10/2016Douglas Zemeckis/Tina DuraInforming the assessment and management of fishery resources through collaborative research / Detection of Holocene earthquakes and tsunamis using diatom analysis in coastal sedimentary sequencesRutgers, The State University of New Jersey
10/17/2016Ryan Abernathey“What are Ocean Eddies?”Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University Cliff Watkins
10/24/2016Adam ParrisReshaping the legacy of the coast in the US: Turning the tide in New York City and Jamaica Bay Science and Resilience Institute at Jamaica BayJennifer Walker
10/31/2016Colette Feehan/Timothy ShawColette: Promoting coral reef resiliency through recovery of a keystone herbivore after disease.
Tim: Late Holocene sea level variability from the mid U.S. Atlantic coast
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
11/07/2016 Heidi SosikHigh resolution time series of plankton communities: From early warning of harmful blooms to sentinels of climate change Woods Hole Oceanographic InstitutionChristien Laber
Brittany Schieler
11/14/2016Nina TherkildsenNext generation genomics for fisheries management and marine conservation Cornell UniversityChris Free
11/21/2016Paul FalkowskiHow corals make rocks Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
11/28/2016Laura MillerFluid dynamics of pulsing in Cnidarians: Consequences for swimming, feeding and exchange The University of North Carolina at Chapel HillJoe Caracappa
12/05/2016Joe KirschvinkFrom Archean Magnetotaxis, through the Great Oxygenation Event, the First Snowball Earth, and onto the Rise of Eukaryotes California Institute of Technology
12/12/2016AGU – No Seminar