Seminars Fall 2019

DateSpeakerSeminar TitleAffiliationHost FacultyHost Student
9/16/2019Karen BemisApplications of Volume Visualization to Oceanographic Studies: Hydrothermal Discharge and Mesoscale EddiesRutgers University
9/23/2019Elisabeth SikesClues on how the ocean exhales from the Southern Hemisphere: carbon sequestration and release since the last glacial maximumRutgers University
9/30/2019Ryan Glaubke / Hailey Riechelson and Vincent ClementiEvolution of the El Niño-Southern Oscillation and tropical Pacific climate across the Last Deglaciation / Fire and Ice: Insights on Chilean Margin paleoclimatologyRutgers University
10/7/2019Janice McDonnellCollege to Youth Summer Camps: What’s new at DMCS in Education, Outreach and Community Engagement ProjectsRutgers University
10/14/2019Kay BidleContextualizing phytoplankton accumulation and loss in the North Atlantic with physiological state, virus infection and mixing dynamicsRutgers University
10/21/2019Carlos MoffatUniversity of DelawareRebecca JacksonChuning Wang
10/23/2019Kristina GjerdeProtecting and sustaining ocean life beyond national boundaries: progress and prospectsInternational Union for Conservation of NatureCymie PayneAustin Grubb
10/28/2019Jennifer PrairieSmall-scale dynamics affecting the role of marine snow in the ocean’s biological pump University of San DiegoHeidi FuchsSchuyler Nardelli
11/4/2019Lionel ArteagaNew insights on export production in the Southern Ocean from BGC-floatsPrinceton UniversityOscar SchofieldMichael Brown
11/11/2019Alexey FedorovHow Arctic sea ice decline and Indian Ocean warming affect the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC)Yale UniversityYair RosenthalHailey Riechelson
11/18/2019Nathalie GoodkinThe East Asian Winter Monsoon: Has its role in ocean circulation been overlooked?American Museum of Natural HistoryElisabeth SikesStanley Ko
11/25/2019Michael BrowncanceledRutgers University
12/2/2019Laura Haynes / Laura ReynoldsRutgers University
12/9/2019No Seminar – AGU Fall Meeting First Day