Rutgers has a Canvas course that links to many fellowship opportunities, and provides resources to help you put together a compelling application. The Canvas course is called Path to Fellowships and you can register here. Signing up gives you access to fellowship information and guidance how to find resources to help you with your applications.

Some examples of the fellowships available to you are:

Gilman Fellowships for study abroad (US citizens and Pell grant recipients).
Fulbright Fellowships for international student to facilitate re-entry back home.
Goldwater Fellowships for students seeking a career in STEM, including natural sciences.
Truman Fellowships for students in their final year, planning to attend graduate school and pursue a career in public service.

Good luck with your endeavors, and if you are successful with any of your applications, I’d be very curious to hear about it!

Best wishes,
Dr Severmann