21-22 Credits

The minor provides students with a broad introductory training in the interdisciplinary study of fisheries as complex social-ecological systems.

Advisor: Olaf Jensen, Marine and Coastal Sciences building, room 303A, 848-932-3473, ojensen@marine.rutgers.edu

Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
Required (18)
11:216:440Practical Experience in Ecology, Evolution and Natural Resources1
11:374:314Human Dimensions of Natural Resource Management or 01:220:102 Introduction to Microeconomics or 11:373:121 Principles and Applications of Microeconomics or 11:374:428 Topics in Environmental and Resource Policy: Marine Fisheries Policy or 11:374:460 Environmental Law and Policy3
11:628:309Fishery Science3
11:628:321Ichthyology or 11:216:324 Invertebrate Zoology or 11:216:325 Vertebrate Zoology4
11:628:462Ocean Ecology or 11:216:335 Limnology or 11:628:320 Dynamics of Marine Ecosystems4
01:960:401Basic Statistics for Research3
Electives (3-4)
11:216:217Principles of Natural Resource Management3
11:216:317Conservation Ecology3
11:216:320Sustainable Environmental Management3
11:216:369Analytical Methods in Ecology, Evolution, and Natural Resources3
11:216:464Wildlife Ecology and Conservation4
11:373:362Natural Resource Economics3
11:373:363Environmental Economics3
11:374:305Globalization, Development, and Environment3
11:374:313U.S. Environmental Policy3
11:374:462International Environmental Law and Policy3