Undergraduate Course List with Descriptions
11:628:100 Oceanography House1.5Fall
11:628:120 Introduction to Oceanography3Fall&Spring
11:628:130 Sea Monsters and Weird Biology in the World’s Oceans3Fall
11:628:2** Topics: Marine Sciences1.5Fall&Spring
11:628:204 The Water Planet3Spring
11:628:221 Human Interactions With Coastal Ocean3Fall
11:628:309 Fishery Science 3Fall (even years)
11:628:317 Aquaculture3Spring (odd years)
11:628:320 Dynamics of Marine Ecosystems3Fall
11:628:321 Ichthyology4Fall (odd years)
11:628:345 Scientific Diving I3Spring
11:628:346 Scientific Diving II3Fall
11:628:363 Oceanographic Methods and Data Analysis: Biology/Chemistry3Fall
11:628:364 Oceanographic Methods and Data Analysis: : Physical Processes3Spring
11:628:402 The Role of Polar Regions in the Earth System3Spring
11:628:405 Molecular Microbial Oceanography3Fall (even years)
11:628:410 Biophysical Interactions: From Barnacles to Jellyfish3Spring (odd years)
11:628:451 Physical Oceanography4Fall
11:628:452 Geophysical Data Analysis3Spring (odd years)
11:628:461 The Biology of Living in the Ocean: Water Column Ecosystems & Processes3Fall
11:628:462 The Biology of Living in the Ocean:: Boundary Ecosystems and Processes3Spring
11:628:472 Chemical Oceanography3Spring
11:628:474 Coastal Biogeochemical Cycles in a Changing World3Spring
11:628:476 History of the Earth System3Fall
11:628:497 Special Problems in Marine and Coastal SciencesFall
11:628:498 Special Problems in Marine and Coastal SciencesSpring