17-18 Credits

The minor is offered for students who wish to show that their studies included a focus on some aspects of marine science. A semester of introductory geology, two semesters of general biology, general chemistry, general physics, and one semester of calculus are recommended (or required prerequisites) for many of the courses in the program.

Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
Required (3)
11:628:320Dynamics of Marine Ecosystems3
Electives (14-15)
11:628:120Introduction to Oceanography(1)3
11:628:125Exploring and Understanding the World's Oceans(1)3
11:628:2__Topics: Marine Sciences3
11:628:204The Water Planet(2)3
11:628:221Human Interactions with the Coastal Ocean3
11:628:309Fishery Science3
11:628:341Hydrothermal Vents3
11:628:363Oceanographic Methods and Data Analysis: Biology and Chemistry3
11:628:364Oceanographic Methods and Data Analysis: Geophysical3
11:628:401Science in Shoreline Management3
11:628:405Molecular Microbial Oceanography3
11:628:410Biophysical Interactions: From Barnacles to Jellyfish3
11:628:451Physical Oceanography4
11:628:461Biology of Living in Ocean: Water Column Ecosystems3
11:628:462Biology of Living in Ocean: Boundary Ecosystems3
11:628:472Chemical Oceanography3
11:628:474 Coastal Biogeochemical Cycles in a Changing World 3
11:628:476History of the Earth System(3)3
11:628:497-498Special Problems in Marine and Coastal SciencesBA
11:216:324Invertebrate Zoology4
11:216:421Wetland Ecology3
11:216:451Global Change Ecology3
01:375:444Water Chemistry3
01:460:101Introductory Geology4
01:460:120Introduction to Oceanography(1)3
01:460:204The Water Planet(2)3
01:460:330Sedimentary Geology4
01:460:417Environmental Geochemistry3
01:460:451Marine Geology3
01:460:476History of the Earth System(3)3
11:670:323Thermodynamics of the Atmosphere3
11:670:324Dynamics of the Oceans and Atmosphere3
11:670:451Remote Sensing of the Ocean and Atmosphere3
01:959:320Coral Reef Research4

(1) Credit given for only one of these courses

(2) Credit given for only one of these courses

(3) Credit given for only one of these courses