The DMCS Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) committee was formed in 2020 with the goal to create a more inclusive environment for everyone in the department. This goal is broad, with many different possible approaches. In the past, we have focused on hosting department-wide panels and workshops. While these workshops have been beneficial, we have continued to discuss and think about how DEI can be more accessible to everyone.

While the DEI committee will continue to host events, we want to make a direct and actionable path to DEI for everyone in the department. We want the DEI committee to be an accessible, supportive framework that the DMCS community can interact with at any time.

To facilitate the above goals, the committee has created a continuously updated DEI Initiatives document that lists all open and ongoing department initiatives. This is a centralized location for anyone to add or join an initiative. These initiatives range from large-scale projects (e.g., the development of an exchange program) to more localized goals (e.g., improving facilities and undergraduate involvement). In this way, anyone in the department can choose a level of involvement that works best for them, and everyone has the tools and support to contribute to our community.

We will send this document out via email at the beginning of each semester. It can also always be found on the department website. If you have an initiative you would like to start, email the DEI committee ( so we can get you the support and resources that you need, and add it to the document! We hope this format moving forward helps everyone feel more empowered and supported in the evolution of our department as a welcoming institution of science, learning, and community.

DMCS DEI Initiatives Link