Inclusive Pedagogy

TA Project

The TA Project is a program at Rutgers devoted to enhancing the quality of instruction provided by teaching assistants and the quality of undergraduate and graduate instruction. It focuses on classroom management, pedagogical best practices, and professionalism in academe. The TA Project offers annual orientations, certificate programs, seminar courses, discipline-specific training, and a number of teaching resources (see below).

Rutgers University Libraries Open and Affordable Textbooks Program

The OAT Program awards $1,000 in research funds to full- or part-time faculty/instructors or curriculum developers at Rutgers who make their courses more affordable for their students through the use of low-cost materials, library content, or open educational resources.

For more information, visit the OAT Program website. Interested applicants should reach out to our campus contacts Lily Todorinova (Undergraduate Education Librarian, Open Educational Research, Douglass Library) and Julia Maxwell (Social Sciences Librarian, Alexander Library).

Additional Resources