Norbert P. Psuty
Emeritus, Faculty
Professor Emeritus

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I am a coastal geomorphologist. I focus on evolution of beaches, dunes, and barrier island systems, especially in relationship to sediment supply and sediment budget. I am also interested in sea-level rise as a driver for coastal change, and as recorded in the sediment accumulations in estuarine environments (cores). I am active in providing methodologies to monitor coastal change to the National Park Service, US Fish and Wildlife Service, and the National Estuarine and Research Reserve program in the northeastern US. A large number of coastal sites use the protocols that I have developed to monitor their coastal resources (see map below).

I came to Rutgers in 1969, appointed as an Associate Professor in the Department of Geography. In 1972, I was appointed Director of the newly-created Marine Sciences Center. It was the foundation for the Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences program. I retired in 2002 and have been active in conducting basic and applied research in Gateway National Recreation Area with a team of research cohorts stationed at Sandy Hook.

Over the years at Rutgers, I have taught courses in physical geography, geomorphology, coastal geomorphology, remote sensing, and introduction to Marine Sciences.