Javier Zavala-Garay
Assistant Research Professor

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Research Interests
  • Predictability of dynamical systems
  • High-resolution regional modeling and data assimilation
  • Use of variational methods for the study of ocean sensitivity, ensemble prediction, and data assimilation in ocean models.
  • Real-time ocean forecasting
  • Coupled ocean-atmosphere models
  • ENSO prediction and predictability
Short History

I graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder under the advise of Drs. Andrew M. Moore and Peter Webster, defending the thesis “ENSO Prediction and Predictability”. Since then, I have been mostly interested in understanding why dynamical systems, such as the ocean or the coupled ocean-atmosphere systems, are sometimes more predictable than others. I use numerical models, observations, and the principles of variational calculus to gain a deeper understudying of why this is the case. As a natural extension to this driving question, I also have developed and applied practical methodologies to improve ocean prediction using numerical models and data-assimilation.