Janice McDonnell
Associate Professor, Science Engineering Technology (SET) Agent

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Research Interests

Janice is currently serving as the Science Engineering & Technology Agent for the department of 4-H Youth Development at Rutgers University where she supports county 4-H Agents in promoting STEM in their communities. She hosts a variety of on-campus programs designed to engage young people in Rutgers University science and engineering programs. In addition, Janice helps university faculty to develop innovative and effective broader impact statements in accordance with NSF’s Criterion II. Scientists and Engineers are engaged in a wide variety of education and outreach initiatives designed to educate the public about STEM disciplines. Janice works with scientists to translate their research into educational products that can be used by K-16 students, teachers and the general public. Finally, Janice is interested in program evaluation and works with a range of external collaborators to conduct a range of program assessments.

Short History

Janice served as the Director for the National Science Foundation’s Centers for Ocean Science Education Excellence Networked Ocean World (COSEE- NOW) 2002-2012, where the goal is to help scientists and educators work together to better understand and educate others about the ocean. Together with her colleagues and collaborators, she has developed a range of tools and professional development programs for both educators and scientists that help promote Ocean Literacy. More recently, Janice has been working on undergraduate education and promoting diversity in the ocean sciences.