Ethan Handel
Research Staff
Lead HF-Radar Operator
DMCS | Room 109

Full CV

Research Interests

I am a research project coordinator with RUCOOL, and I primarily specialize in operational oceanography. Specifically, I have been working to support NOAA’s IOOS program as the lead HF-radar operator for the Mid-Atlantic region. I am responsible for the installations, operations, maintenance, and enhancement of 20 different coastal research stations. My time is divided between working on science and engineering data analysis, collection, and aggregation, from RUCOOL’s operations center at Rutgers University and conducting fieldwork at the shore. I help assist faculty, post-docs, grad students, and undergrads who need to work with the data collected by our HF-radar systems. This data is used to make near-real-time maps of the coastal ocean surface currents, which gets used to help improve the U.S Coast Guard’s Search and Rescue operations.

Short History

I graduated from Rutgers University in 2008 with a degree in Applied Ecology and Natural Resources Management. Having spent time as an undergraduate assisting the RUCOOL group in a variety of roles, I began working full-time with RUCOOL after completing my Bachelors program.