Corday Selden
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Postdoctoral Researcher | Environmental Biophysics & Molecular Ecology

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Corday Selden is an oceanographer by training with experience in molecular ecology and stable isotope geochemistry. Her research is motivated by a desire to understand the dynamic interactions between life and the geosphere that facilitated the evolution and stabilization of Earth’s biogeochemical cycles. As a graduate student at Old Dominion University (advisors: M. Mulholland and P.D. Chappell), Corday studied the environmental factors regulating the activity of metabolically diverse N2 fixing microbes. This work has bearing on our understanding of the homeostatic feedbacks within the modern nitrogen cycle, which exert a profound influence over Earth’s climate. As a postdoctoral researcher at Rutgers University (advisors:  P. Falkowski, N. Yee, V. Nanda), Corday will shift her attentions to Precambrian biogeochemistry and the conditions that facilitated the emergence of primordial enzymes.