Corday Selden
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Postdoctoral Researcher | Environmental Biophysics & Molecular Ecology

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I’m a biogeochemist with expertise in stable isotope geochemistry and molecular biology. My work centers on the reciprocal dynamics between microbes and their physicochemical environment, how these dynamics shape the Earth system, and the imprints they impart. Currently, I’m exploring the mechanisms which underpin biological fractionation of stable metal isotopes (e.g., Cu, Zn, Ni). This work is pivotal to developing metal isotopes as tools for tracking microbial metabolism in modern and ancient environments. As a graduate student at Old Dominion University, I studied the environmental factors regulating the activity of metabolically-diverse N2-fixing microbes. This work has bearing on our understanding of the homeostatic feedbacks within the modern nitrogen cycle, which exert a profound influence over Earth’s climate.