Chip Haldeman
Research Staff
Director of Marine Operations, R/V Captain
DMCS | Room 101
Research Interests

The physical aspects tend to pique my interest the most – waves, currents, tides, and the motion of the ocean. Specific interests include the physical coupling of the ocean and atmosphere, and the effects that the ocean has on weather. I’ve spent a large part of my career collecting and analyzing glider data in an attempt to provide more data for models to assimilate, hoping to significantly improve forecasting. I do, however, find smaller scale phenomena just as interesting – a tidal jet approaching an ideal laminar flow showing up in the ADCP data we’re collecting will have me as excited as a kid in a candy store.

Short History

Whether it’s work or play, the ocean is my forte. Growing up in NJ I spent a lot of time on the ocean, but going to school in New Mexico, I had a very limited view of what oceanography actually was. Attending Rutgers broadened my horizons significantly, and I joined COOL as an undergrad. Bringing with me a significant set of hands-on skills and seamanship, I filled a specific niche and was able to forge a path all my own that has blossomed into an incredible career. From building and designing moored instrumentation arrays, to CODAR technician, to glider pilot and technician, to scientific research diver, and now research vessel captain, it has all been very fulfilling. I am a Rutgers “lifer”, and I now enjoy imparting that knowledge to the next crop of scientists and technicians that come through RUCOOL.