Bridget Ovall
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Graduate Program in Oceanography
Graduate Student
71 Dudley Rd, New Brunswick, NJ

My name is Bridget Ovall. I’ve lived most of my life in Washington state. I received my bachelor’s degree in Oceanography from the University of Washington in 2019. As an undergrad, I had several opportunities to conduct research: an independent research project for the honors program at community college, an REU under Steve Henderson at Washington State University – Vancouver, a model validation project for Parker MacCready at UW, and my senior thesis project with Eric D’Asaro at UW. Over the year following graduation, I worked as a Research Assistant for Bob Pickart at WHOI, where I conducted research exploring the relationship between wind forcing, ice cover, and circulation in the Chukchi Sea. I am excited to be here at Rutgers and look forward to working with Becca Jackson exploring the physical processes at play at the ice-ocean boundary of marine-terminating glaciers.