Grace Saba

Assistant Professor
Center for Ocean Observing Leadership
Department of Marine and Coastal Sciences
School of Environmental and Biological Sciences


71 Dudley Rd,  New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Room 309D
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I initiate diverse, multidisciplinary projects in order to address both small-scale (individual organism) and large-scale (whole ecosystem) questions with ecological, physiological, and biogeochemical implications. My broad research interests are in the fields of coastal marine organismal ecology and physiology, with emphasis on how organisms interact with their environment (physical-biological coupling) and other organisms (food web dynamics and predator-prey interactions), how physiological processes impact biogeochemistry (nutrient cycling and carbon sequestration), and how climate change (i.e., ocean acidification, warming) impacts these processes. I apply multiple techniques and collaborate with physical/biological/chemical oceanographers and physiologists, molecular ecologists, fisheries scientists, ocean observers, and climate modelers. I employ an integrative, mechanistic approach and have strong laboratory and field components in my research.

Post-Doctoral Research Associates

Jessica Valenti

Postdoctoral Fellow

Department of Marine and Coastal Sciences


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800 (c/o 132) Great Bay Blvd, Tuckerton, NJ 08087

I am broadly interested in anthropogenic influences on the marine environment. My research has examined the impacts of spilled oil and urbanization (human development of the land), as well as natural stressors, such as Hurricane Sandy, on estuarine fishes over multiple spatial and temporal scales. For my post-doc, I will continue studying anthropogenic stressors on fishes by using the Rutgers University Marine Field Station’s 30-year larval fish collection to investigate microplastic intake in larval fish from the past and present while working closely with Dr. Saba and Dr. Ashok Deshpande (NOAA James J. Howard Marine Science Laboratory).

Graduate Students

Lauren Cook

Graduate Student

Department of Marine and Coastal Sciences


71 Dudley Rd, New Brunswick, NJ 08901

I graduated in 2019 with a B.S. in Marine Science from the University of South Carolina. My research interests lie at the intersection of physical-biological interactions, fisheries management and ecology, and remote sensing. I am beginning my foray into acoustics, and I hope to use this tool to learn more about the physical and biological components of our ocean that otherwise remains opaque to observation.


Previous Post-Doctoral Research Associates

  • Corie Charpentier, 2017-2018

Previous Undergraduate Students

  • Brandon Grosso
  • Laura Wiltsee
  • Kasey Walsh
  • Rachel Young, Rutgers
  • Catherine Powell, Rutgers
  • Bekah Lane, Emporia State University
  • Gabrielle Quadrado, Federal University of Rio Grande (Brazil)
  • Monisha Sugla, Rutgers
  • Oliver Ho, Rutgers
  • Ryan Fantasia, Rutgers
  • Grace Coogan, Occidental College
  • Emily Pirl, Rutgers
  • Amelia Snow, Rutgers
  • Miram Gleiber, Virginia Institute of Marine Science
  • Lori Garzio, Virginia Institute of Marine Science