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Rutgers Installs New HF Radar Station

Rutgers installed a MARACOOS sponsored 13 MHz High Frequency radar in Holgate, NJ this past spring.  The property holder is Long Beach Township, a long partner in HF radar ocean observing.  This is the fourth HFR station the township has agreed to host.  The station is currently collecting surface current and wave information.  Special thanks go to Mr. Dustin Martin, Assistant Public Works Superintendent Long Beach Township, for helping to secure permission for the site installation.

The data from this station will contribute to the 6 km and 2 km National Surface Current Products as well as the regional 2 km product found on MARACOOS OceansMap and at Rutgers University.

The surface current measurements will be utilized by regional stakeholders to help advance the science around offshore wind and improve decision making.  The measurements will also be utilized by the US Coast Guard to plan their search and rescue operations.  The surface current data and predictions from HFR were requested 84 times in the Mid-Atlantic and 231 nationally for the month of July 2022.  The wave data from the station is being evaluated by NWS as a validation station for the Nearshore Wave Prediction System.

The site was installed by Rutgers technician Mr. Ethan Handel and Masters of Operational Oceanography student Mr. Timothy Stolarz.

For more information contact Rutgers Project Manager Hugh Roarty