I can say without a doubt being a marine science major at Rutgers changed my life. Through my four years in the program,the community I built, the opportunities I was given, and the memories I have made are all something that leave me longing to have just one more semester at my second homewith my best friends. I have been able to travel to the Cayman Islands to study coral conservation, study the phytoplankton in Antarcticausing world class ocean tech, and look at zooplankton skeletons to track climate change through the millennia all while having my time cut short with a global pandemic, so just imagine the experiences one could build in a full in-person four years. With my Rutgers experiences, I was able to get a job as a lab tech before I graduated working in an animal electrophysiologicalneurobiology lab at Lehigh University and I am prepping to start a PhD program working in animal physiological ecology with a focus on climate change hopefully in the next year. If life doesn’t have too many more surprises, I plan to ultimately work as a marine ecology professor at auniversity likeRutgers to be able to provide future marine biology nerds a similar life changing undergraduate career likemine.