Venkatesh Chinni
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Postdoctoral Researcher | Biogeochemistry

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I am interested in understanding the distribution of trace metals in the ocean in terms of their sources, sinks and internal cycling. Bioavailability of these trace metals (which are micro-nutrients) has a direct impact on primary production, community structure and hence ultimately can regulate the carbon cycle. I am currently involved in the ARTEMIS project under the supervision of Prof. Robert Sherrell at the department of Marine and Coastal Sciences to study the dynamics of trace metals in the Amundsen Sea.

I did my Ph.D. from Physical Research Laboratory (A unit of Department of Space, Government of India) in the field of biogeochemistry. I mainly got fascinated by the concept of “Iron Hypothesis” and the role of trace metals in the ocean and ultimately motivated me to work in the field of trace metal biogeochemistry. Apart from research work, I enjoy playing football, cricket, travelling, and cooking.

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