Trivik Ragha
Graduate Students
Master of Operational Oceanography
Graduate Student
Short Bio

Towards the end of my undergraduate program in Mechanical Engineering, I had two options: either go into industry or continue with academia. Naturally, I would have picked the industry route, but I didn’t know where exactly that would take me because I didn’t feel any drive to work. I couldn’t quite understand why that was, but with hindsight I now know what the reason was. I hadn’t found an area I was passionate about to put my engineering skillset to good use. I soon figured out that I was interested and passionate about the Earth Sciences, which by the way is so cool! Initially I considered getting a Masters in Geography, but Geography is a vast field and so I had to narrow it down to studying just the parts that I was most interested in – Physical Geography. Further narrowing that down, I was most curious about our oceans and so I decided that I wanted to study Oceanography. Taking an intro course about Oceanography, and familiarizing myself with the people at DMCS, it was clear to me that my academic future was at DMCS. I finally found a place where I could apply my technical skills and learn about the ocean too.