Nicholas Occhiogrosso
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Master of Operational Oceanography
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Short History

Having grown up in New Jersey with annual summer trips to Cape May, my curiosity about the ocean and nature began at a young age. When I attended Monmouth University, I got to collaborate with my biology professors in the field, which allowed me to utilize techniques for data collection and research, in addition to working with GIS software such as ArcMap. One of my achievements during my time at Monmouth was my presentation on coral reefs accepted into the 2021 Student Scholarship Week. After graduating in 2022 with a BS in Marine and Environmental Biology and Policy, I worked as a research assistant for the university’s School of Science Summer Research Program, where I collected data on dissolved oxygen from nearby Deal Lake, using RStudio to process it to a presentable format. This research was done to examine the impacts of harmful algal blooms in a coastal lake environment using abiotic factors such as temperature and precipitation.


Research Interests

I am interested in the processes that allow ocean ecosystems to function, and the ways in which they are currently affected by human activity. I would like to continue collecting, analyzing, and presenting oceanographic data, with an emphasis in field work, in conjunction with my growing skills in coding. I look forward to expanding upon these techniques as I enter a collaborative graduate school setting, in preparation towards my future career.