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As a child, I didn’t have many waterways near my home growing up in Brooklyn, New York. During summertime, I would take the train to Coney Island beach for about an hour. My days there were spent searching the shoreline for washed up sea creatures. As discoveries grew, my interest peaked. A few feet from the shoreline, I dug a hole in the sand and filled it with seawater to create a makeshift touch pool. Then, unknowingly, I took my first steps towards my future career, by observing their anatomy and admiring their textures.

Research Interest

Throughout my undergrad at Morgan State University. I have completed a variety of studies. Sophomore year,  I worked on the priority research for HABs and OA forecasting in the mid-Atlantic coastal waters and the spatial distribution of the Atlantic Bay nettle in adjacent creeks of the Chesapeake Bay. My junior year I investigated the environmental influences on scale growth in Atlantic Salmon in the East Machias river, Maine. Following graduation, I conducted disease test on Eastern Oysters in the Chesapeake and Delaware Bay. The study regions for all my projects have been within the northeast and mid- Atlantic region. As a growing scientist I believe it is time to expand my study site to the much colder waters of Antarctica. I look forward to understanding the ocean system dynamics and biology within the southern ocean.