Mitaali Taskar
Research Staff
Research Project Assistant
Short Bio:

Born and raised in New Jersey, I have always been interested in fostering the curiosity all of us possess; I work with various communities to create and maintain meaningful science outreach and education networks.

I earned a B.Sc. Biology from McGill University, devoting much of my time with local science outreach initiatives and organizations. It was there that I planned on studying how informal science outreach works with formal science education to impact how every person perceives and values the scientific field.

Then, I served as a Public Ally through an Americorps Service Project, working as an alternative science educator in Colorado. Developing my own curricula through a historically responsive lens, I emphasized critical thinking and asking weird questions earnestly.

After this, I gained a M.S.Com. (Master of Science Communication) from Laurentian University. Connected with a leading science center, I examined how we can systematically evaluate the meaningful impacts of science outreach efforts.

After all this travel, I am thankful to return home, eager to apply my work at Rutgers University.