Matthew Learn
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Master of Operational Oceanography
Graduate Student Master of Operational Oceanography
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Growing up in South Jersey, the ocean has always been part of my daily life. Being able to study and contribute to humanity’s understanding excites and motivates me everyday. My excitement translated to my studies, where I have taken a directed and accelerated path. After graduating from the Marine Academy of Technology and Environmental Science in 2021, I obtained my Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology/Biological Oceanography at Rutgers in 2024. Though shorter than most, my time at Rutgers has been filled with opportunity. I especially enjoy working with gliders. From assisting with deployments to deployments and planning global missions, I got enchanted by the transformative potential of glider technology. I am fortunate enough to have had these amazing educational and professional opportunities to further drive my love for the ocean. This path has led me to become a part of the 2025 cohort of the Master of Operational Oceanography program. Outside of the classroom, I like to collect vinyl records, read sci-fi books, explore local trails, and of course, laze on the beach!