Leah Hopson
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Graduate Program in Oceanography
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71 Dudley Rd, New Brunswick,NJ

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Short History

While growing up in New York, specifically in the lower Hudson Valley region, I was able to explore many aspects of our environment. My interests in the environment grew from taking a high school earth science course to which I learned about tropical cyclones and thus, I developed a strong curiosity in extreme weather events. This led me to go on to study environmental changes and earn my B.S. in Atmospheric and Oceanic science from the University of Maryland. During my undergrad, I was able to participate in different research experiences, and over time, these experiences carved out my path in physical oceanography to understand air-sea interactions.

Research Interests

My last research experience during my undergrad solidified my interests in oceanography even further. This project, through Texas A&M University, focused on the relationship between ocean heat content and tropical cyclone induced rainfall in the Gulf of Mexico. With my atmospheric science research experiences and my oceanography related experience, I developed an interest in studying the dynamics of the ocean and atmosphere and understanding the intensification of tropical cyclones over time. I hope to gain many skills from the different areas of oceanography to continue studying extreme weather with my advisor Dr. Travis Miles during my time as a PhD student.


2021, B.S. Atmospheric and Oceanic Science, The University of Maryland

2022-Present, PhD Student, Graduate Program in Oceanography, Rutgers University