Julia Engdahl
Research Staff
Laboratory Researcher

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Short History

I was part of the first cohort for the Master’s in Operational Oceanography at Rutgers University. During my time as a student, I became proficient in programming languages such as Python, MATLAB, and R in addition to the computer vision software, OpenCV, and machine learning algorithm, YOLOV3. I have used my coding expertise to analyze large physical oceanographic datasets. In June of 2020, I was hired as a federal contractor to support NOAA/NOS/CO-OPS to perform routine QA/QC procedures on water level and current meter data,  generate historical high tide flooding statistics, and produce the annual high tide flooding outlook. My expertise in programming allowed me to innovate process automation, data visualizations, and to become a certified Software Carpentries Data Carpentries Instructor. All of which has led me back to Rutgers University – Center for Ocean Observing Leadership (RUCOOL) as a Laboratory Researcher where I will be working on the development of onboard processing capabilities for ocean gliders, including the processing of integrated current profiler data to deliver real time velocity measurements to shore. This effort will enable future use of real-time velocity profile data for use in oceanographic numerical modeling data assimilation and model evaluation, as well as making remote measurements of ocean currents and transport.