Joe DiDomenico
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Master of Operational Oceanography
Graduate Student
Short Bio:

I am a New Jersey native with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Rutgers University. My interests lie at the intersection of technology, ocean exploration, and conservation, with a particular focus on autonomous robotics. My undergraduate research was centered around the development of image processing and navigation systems used in vision-based autonomous ground vehicles, supported by an internship with NASA’s New York City Research Initiative and a fellowship from the New Jersey Space Grant Consortium. Upon graduating, I worked as a field engineer specializing in the maintenance and reliability of large-scale rotating machinery, providing clients across several industries with high-precision machinery alignment and technical training services, before stepping away to pursue a career in marine science. In early 2024, I began working as a field technician at the Rutgers University Marine Field Station, where I contributed to ASV and AUV mission planning and deployment, side-scan sonar data processing and analysis, acoustic telemetry data collection, and several marine life sampling projects under Dr. Thomas Grothues. Additionally, I work seasonally as an educator and wilderness guide for Pinelands Adventures, a subsidiary of the non-profit Pinelands Preservation Alliance, which seeks to spread awareness about the New Jersey Pine Barrens through paddling and hiking excursions. I am a PADI-certified Rescue Diver and have logged recreational dives all over the world, including sites in the Philippines, Central America, the Mediterranean, and the Great Lakes.