Jessica Leonard
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Originating from North Carolina, I saw my fair share of Atlantic hurricanes and climate change implications on our coastline. After graduating from North Carolina State University with B.S.’s in physics and marine sciences, I wanted to be a part of ocean observing in a way that would benefit local communities affected by extreme weather events, predominately related to the ocean. I started my career working as a researcher at the ARGO float Data Center in Miami where I processed and wrote software for float data. I took a harsh switch to measuring ocean carbon removal and acidification in lab and at sea. Now, I find myself using some of the most reliable ocean AUV’s to observe our oceans for anything related to ecology, biology, chemistry, geology, and physics. As a glider tech, I am happy to be able to send instruments into the ocean that can provide open-source data for anybody who needs or wants to access it. I hope to see this field progress to levels we don’t even realize are possible.