Jason Seiple
Graduate Students
Master of Operational Oceanography
Graduate Student
Short History
I have loved the ocean for as long as I can remember and for most of my life, being in and around the ocean has been my happiest place. Despite that, I pursued a more traditional career path getting my undergrad degree in Economics and a Masters in Business, eventually working in data engineering / product management. A few years ago I began a journey to combine my passion of the ocean with my career in data analytics and technology. I decided to enroll in Oregon State’s Marine Conservation program, which helped me to realize I could marry my skillset in data and tech with my desire to protect our ocean. In 2023 I founded An Ocean Advocate, where I work with groups focused on environmental policy, advocacy and oversight to make information more transparent and accessible, enabling data-informed decision making. I’m excited about the Masters of Operational Oceanography program as I think it will help me develop a deeper expertise in the nuances of technology and data within marine sciences.
I’m originally from a small town called New Holland in Pennsylvania but have also lived in Philly, Dallas, London, SF and am currently in NYC.