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Rutgers Researchers Teach Science to Local Students

Josue, a 5th grader at McKinley Community School in New Brunswick, imagines an alien could evolve and thrive in the harsh elements of Jupiter by harnessing the ability to eat gas. Then, he uses clay to sculpt the creature and names his lifeform “Jomama.”

“We asked the kids to show us what an alien on a given planet might look like and what qualities it should possess after assigning them a planet,” said Kenneth McGuinness PhD., an NIH INSPIRE postdoctoral associate researcher with Rutgers ENIGMA, a NASA-funded research team focused on discovering how proteins evolved to become the catalysts of life on Earth. “Josue gave Jomama the ability to eat gas because Jupiter is a gaseous planet. You never know – some form of Jomama might be discovered one day.”

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