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Outstanding Senior and Undergraduate Research Excellence Award Winners

We are happy to announce the 2019 winners of the awards as follows:

Outstanding Senior Award: Lauren Rodgers
Lauren Rodgers is a student in Rutgers’ prestigious Honors Program, the merit-based full scholarship awarded to our top students across all disciplines in the University. She is presently completing her degree in the chemical oceanography stream in marine sciences and has distinguished herself as a top student in both Chemistry and Marine Sciences. She is a G H Cook scholar and her honors thesis is assessing sea surface temperature in the Southern Ocean south of Tasmania since the last ice age by comparing two temperature proxies- alkenones and Mg/Ca in foraminifera.

Undergraduate Research Excellence Award: Joshua Daw
Josh Daw began doing research in DMCS in 2014 where he worked with Bob Chant digitizing and analyzing historic tide records. More recently, he joined Daphne Munroe’s lab to work on interactions among horseshoe crabs and oyster farms in the Delaware Bay. Josh is now working with horseshoe crab distribution and crab egg data his George H Cook Scholars project.


Congratulations to Lauren and Joshua!