Kasey Walsh Wins Award for Undergraduate Research Excellence

Throughout the past 3 years here at the Rutgers Department of Marine and Coastal Sciences I’ve gained such amazing opportunities, mentors, and friends. I started working in the Saba research group for a fisheries project and continued by investigating microplastic ingestion by copepods in the Raritan Bay. In addition to that research, I am completing a George H. Cook thesis studying microplastic ingestion by crystal krill from the Ross Sea, Antarctica. Furthermore, an amazing opportunity came, allowing me to visit Palmer Station, Antarctica for phytoplankton research. These projects have allowed me the opportunity to present at conferences, network, explore one of a kind places, and prepare for my future as a scientist. They have also granted me the ability to work with and inspire new generations of scientists through the various outreach activities I have been involved with. One of which was video chatting a New Brunswick 4-H STEP Club from Palmer Station. I have definitely made lifelong friends and memories going to school and working here. I plan to enter a graduate program, but for now I am excited to find out what the future has in store for me!