DMCS Graduate Student Michael Brown Awarded Mistletoe Research Fellowship

Mike Brown mistletoe award

Michael Brown, a DMCS PhD Candidate in Oceanography, was awarded a 2018 Mistletoe Research Fellowship.

This is the inaugural year of the program, which is run by the Mistletoe Foundation. The fellowship consists of 1) a $10,000 Unfettered Research Grant to support university research, and 2) a Startup Collaboration to provide professional development with a focus on entrepreneurial collaboration.

For his dissertation, Michael is studying phytoplankton ecology along the West Antarctic Peninsula, a polar region experiencing rapid environmental change. His research is focused on determining drivers of changes in phytoplankton dynamics in this region, and assessing the impacts of these changes on the carbon cycle. Michael is excited about receiving the research support, as well as the opportunity to gain experience working with frontier startups devoted to social and humanitarian causes.