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Diane Adams receives Bergmann Award

Photo Courtesy Embassy of Israel: (From left to right) Director General of UNESCO, Irena Bokova; Chair of the BSF Board of Governors, Prof. Albert Teich; Bergmann Award winners Prof. Michael Richter, Yeshiva University, and Prof. Diane Adams, Rutgers University; Israel’s Minster of Science, Technology and Space, Ofir Akunis; and Director of NSF, Dr. France Cordova

The Bergmann Memorial Award is for promising young scientists, established in February 1976, to honor professor E.D. Bergmann ( – 1975), an organic chemistry researcher and one of the leaders who established the Binational Science Foundation (BSF). Diane Adams is the most recent recipient of the award.

Diane will work with Dr. Tali Mass at the University of Haifa (a former Rutgers postdoctoral fellow) to understand how corals make their very first skeletons in different climates. They will focus on the expression and function of highly acidic proteins, discovered in the Falkowski lab, in corals from the temperate New Jersey coast to the tropical Israeli Red Sea. Look for updates on this project in the RU in the Field section this summer.