Bonnie McCay Receives American Fisheries Society’s 2013 Award of Excellence


Bonnie McCay, professor and graduate certificate director in the Department of Human Ecology, has been selected by the American Fisheries Society (AFS) for its 2013 Award of Excellence.

One of AFS’s most prestigious awards, the excellence award is presented for “original and outstanding contributions to fisheries and aquatic biology.” McCay was recognized for her scientific analysis, synergy and leadership in fisheries science. The Award of Excellence from the AFS was first bestowed in 1969 on Dr. William E. Ricker, considered a founder of fisheries science. The award consists of a bronze medal and a certificate mounted in a plaque. AFS will present the award at the 2013 AFS Annual Meeting in Little Rock, Arkansas, in September.

McCay is a Board of Governors Distinguished Service Professor and is active in long-term research that seeks to better understand the conditions for sustainable marine fisheries around the world. McCay was also elected to the National Academy of Sciences, a coveted recognition of a distinguished academic career.

Her research provides a better understanding of the conditions needed for sustainable marine fisheries around the world as well as the importance of the interdisciplinary involvement of ecology and community with the social institutions of science, law and property. She has conducted field research in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, Canada; the Middle Atlantic region of the United States; and in Baja California, Mexico. Her research and teaching have focused on challenges and policies for managing common pool resources such as fish and shellfish, with particular attention to intersections of ecology, community, and social institutions of science, law and property.

The American Fisheries Society was organized in 1870 to promote the conservation, development and wise utilization of fisheries.

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