Sea Monsters and Weird Biology in the World’s Oceans

When: Fall 2022, M/Th period 2, 10:20-11:40

Where: Alampi Room in the Marine Science Building (71 Dudley Road)

Instructors: Profs Oscar Schofield and Daphne Munroe

Do giant squid eat people or whales?  Mermaids, a sailor’s dream or nightmare?  If someone released the Kraken, should we be scared.  What is Cthulhu?  Are these sea monsters reflections of other real organisms? What is often “weird” to us can take mythic proportions.  Are these monsters/stories a reflection of the unique biology that has evolved in the extreme conditions found in the world’s oceans?  Or maybe they exist as species we have yet to discover in a largely unexplored ocean? In Fall 2022, dive into adventure and let’s go explore the weird biology of the ocean, recount the great myths and share some great sea stories.  The course is for early marine science students and all non-marine science majors. The course will focus on history, science, and the process of exploration of the most unexplored part of our planet.  So, come join us in Marine Science Building for a wild ride as we explore the deep sea!