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Science storytelling as community engagement

NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. — The Rutgers School of Environmental and Biological Sciences Departments of Marine and Coastal Sciences and Plant Biology, along with the Rutgers Center for Agricultural Food Ecosystems (RUCAFE)—a part of the New Jersey Institute of Food, Nutrition and Healthare launching a unique “Science Storytelling as Community Engagement” initiative. The intent is to increase understanding and dialogue between Rutgers scientists and the broader community. Distinguished professor Oscar Schofield, chair of Marine and Coastal Sciences noted, “it is imperative for scientists to find innovative ways to engage the public in science learning. This is our fundamental responsibility as a land-grant institution.” 

The science storytelling initiative is being launched with a two-minute trailer for the 30-minute science-in-action film that will be released Spring 2022. Fields of Devotion features Rutgers plant biologists and three New Jersey farmers who benefit from Rutgers-developed disease-resistant food crops.  

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