Rutgers Scientist Michael Kennish is Editor of International “Encyclopedia of Estuaries”


Mike Kennish, research professor in the Rutgers Department of Marine and Coastal Sciences, is the editor and a contributing author of the Encyclopedia of Estuaries, an international volume of the most comprehensive and multidisciplinary research knowledge and advances in estuarine science, to date.

Newly published by Springer (Dordrecht, The Netherlands), the 760-page tome contains nearly 270 articles and short contributions on the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of estuaries. It also features an impressive collection of about 200 color illustrations.

“There are more than 225 contributing authors from around the world, including a number from Rutgers,” said Kennish, who was particularly pleased at the exposure of the university’s estuarine and coastal research to a worldwide audience.

In addition to Kennish, contributing authors from Rutgers included Ken Able, distinguished professor in the Department of Marine and Coastal Sciences and director of Rutgers University Marine Field Station; Joanna Burger, Rutgers Division of Life Sciences behavioral ecologist affiliated with the Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Natural Resources; and Judy Weis, estuarine ecologist and emeritus professor of biological sciences at the Rutgers-Newark College of Arts and Sciences.

Kennish, who worked on the encyclopedia for about five years, calls it a state-of-the-art reference volume for research scientists, educators, students and others. Among the diverse subjects it covers are biotic communities, essential habitats, food webs, fisheries, hydrology, pollution and conservation.

“I believe that this volume will have such wide-ranging impact in the field of estuarine science that it is my textbook of choice for the estuary course I plan to teach at Rutgers in 2016,” he added.

“‘Encyclopedia of Estuaries’ is a massive and important publication that showcases the Rutgers academic brand and our reputation for excellence in estuarine and coastal science,” said Brad Hillman, director of research and senior associate director of the Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station. “The scope of international collaboration in this comprehensive volume is exceptional.”

“Kennish’s research on integrative ecosystem assessment, particularly investigations of impairment and remediation of impacted estuarine and coastal marine environments in New Jersey, is highly regarded here and abroad,” said Hillman.

“To be chosen as editor for such a volume is a great achievement. We’re grateful for Mike’s commitment to this time-consuming undertaking that he performed to distinction, concurrent with his other research and teaching responsibilities at Rutgers,” he added.

A world-class estuarine scientist, Kennish has also conducted biological and geological research on coastal ocean and deep-sea environments. Much of his research has involved the development and application of innovative methods to assess anthropogenic impacts and to determine the condition and health of aquatic ecosystems.

Kennish is the author or editor of 14 scholarly books in marine science, and the author or co-author of more than 170 articles in science journals and books. In addition, he has edited eight compendium science journal special issues on various topics in marine science.