Professional Development Opportunity takes Assistant Manager to the Federal Level

Lisa Auermuller, Assistant Manager of the JC NERR has been focused on the Reservesince 2002 – almost 20 years. Through her work, Lisa oversees the day-to-daymanagement of JC NERR’s Coastal Center as well as the Reserve’s education, outreach, communications, and Coastal Training Program. Lisa’s role has allowed her to pursue many partnerships and opportunities throughout her career. Now, Lisa has the opportunity for a year-long professional development position, working with the Reserve’s federal partner, NOAA.

From May 1, 2021 until April 30, 2022, Lisa will be collaborating with NOAA’s Office for Coastal Management and state and regional partners to assess how well NOAA’s Water Initiative tools and products meet stakeholder needs. She will be virtually working with that office four-days a week, while maintaining her role at the JC NERR on Fridays.

Lisa looks forward to many ways to share JC NERR and Rutgers local work with the national level and share national level opportunities back to the local level. Through this cooperative agreement between the JC NERR and NOAA, Lisa hopes to expand her networks, stretch her reach, and be inspired by new opportunities for local implementation.