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Ocean of Possibilities Summer Program

How Are We Connected to the Ocean? Dive into Marine Science with Rutgers University Oceanographer Lauren Cook.

The Earth’s ocean covers more than 70% of the Earth’s surface, but yet over 80% of it remains unexplored. Hear from Rutgers Marine Scientist, Lauren Cook, on why it is important to study the ocean, the methods to do so, and the connection the ocean has to all of us throughout the world. Also explore how Lauren studies the ocean through marine fish poop! 

Lauren’s bio:

Originally from coastal Virginia, Lauren has loved the ocean since they were young, and in particular, they love FISH! Lauren is pursuing their passion studying fish and the ocean at Rutgers University as a PhD student. Their research focuses on figuring out all the different ways the fish we harvest contribute to the greater marine ecosystem, so we can better understand their role in the food web and beyond.