MS of Operational Oceanography (MOO) Students Train with SEABER’s YUCO-SCAN

MS of Operational Oceanography (MOO) Students trained over a 3-day workshop led by SEABER’s Quentin Tatibouet, testing RUCOOL’s new AUV the YUCO-SCAN. This new AUV is equipped with side-scan sonar, allowing our students to set out on the R/V Rutgers out of the Rutgers University Marine Field Station (RUMFS) with Capt. Chip Haldeman. Quentin explained the comprehensive and flexible accompanying software, and all of the MOO students found the YUCO easy to work with and fun to use. Coordinating a flexible mission, Quentin & and the MOO students scanned a shipwreck outside Great Bay, NJ. Everyone at RUCOOL, especially the MOO students, is looking forward to the next mission – thanks Quentin & SEABER!