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May 10 Seminar Dianne Edwards

Come see Dr Dianne Edwards from Cardiff University. Her seminar titled ‘Could early land plants have bioengineered the planet?‘ will be held May 10th at 3:30 in the Alampi Room

Bio: Born in Swansea, S Wales. Thence to Cambridge University as undergraduate, post graduate and postdoctoral research fellow at Girton College. Came to Cardiff with husband and three year old in 1969. Been here ever since and now a part-time distinguished research fellow in palaeobotany. My interests have always been on early land plants beginning with a year at Cornell where I learned the job under the guidance of Harlan Banks. Initially fully preoccupied with morphological and anatomical studies—definitely a nit-picker—on vascular plants from the Silurian and Lower Devonian of South Wales, and a determination to reconstruct them as functioning and reproducing organisms, I am now increasingly interested in early terrestrial vegetation with particular emphasis on cryptogamic covers including possible lichens which must have colonised land surfaces before the advent of vascular plants.