Leaving a Legacy of Climate Activism: Senior Story: Nolan Fehon (SEBS’22)

Throughout his time as a student at Rutgers School of Environmental and Biological Sciences (SEBS), Nolan Fehon has made sustainability, climate change and environmental activism his passion and mission. Fehon has been a member of Students for Environmental Awareness (SEA) for four years, serving as secretary for one year and as president for the past two years.  

His first milestone during his time in SEA leadership was (along with the Rutgers Faculty Union) to bring together the Central Jersey Climate Coalition and organize the Rutgers/New Brunswick Climate Strike in September 2019. Approximately 800 people participated, and as a result, the Rutgers Climate Task Force was created to develop a climate action plan. “One of the biggest highlights of my college career was the day of the 2019 Climate March through New Brunswick,” said Fehon. “Seeing that many people not only care about our impact on the environment, but care enough to take to the streets and even stop traffic. It shows how great of a community we have here at Rutgers.”

Later, Fehon became the New Brunswick undergraduate representative to the task force where he helped coordinate town halls, created educational resources about climate action at Rutgers, and weighed in on meetings with task force members and administrators (including Rutgers President Jonathan Holloway). Currently, Fehon sits on the student board to the new Office of Climate Action, where—before he graduates this spring—he is helping to solidify student’s roles within this office.  

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